Bible Read Through (BRT) began from a desire to see the whole church reading through the Bible year after year, growing together in our knowledge and love of God through His Word.


Re:Hope’s Bible Read Through Groups are focussed around doing this together and are at the core of the church’s community. The groups offer a great opportunity to get plugged into the church, forge friendships, share prayers, and immerse yourself in the Bible together.

What does being part of a BRT look like?

–   Every week you read a part of the Bible.
–   Highlight / take notes of what stands out to you.
–   Meet up with your group on a set time every week
–   During the BRT-Group meetings, share 3 things that stood out to you from the week’s reading
–   Before you finish the meeting, pray for one another.

That’s, in short, what BRT-Groups are about. You can sign-up to join one, below.
If you’re new to them or want additional info, please watch the videos below.

1. What is Bible Read Through?
In this video, Pastor Brian explains what Bible Read Through Groups are, how they work, and what is expected. He describes his own weekly Bible Read Through experience to give an example of what Bible Read Through looks like.


2. Why do we do Bible Read Through Groups?
In this short video Brian talks through the origins of Bible Read Through and explains why we choose to do this at Re:Hope and why it is so important to us as a church.


3. Bible Read Through Values
In this video Brian describes the big picture of what we want to achieve through our Bible Read Through Groups. He describes the four core values and goals we are aiming for personally when being part of a Bible Read Through Group.


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