God is doing something special at Re:Hope and we are excited that you are considering membership at this church.


Thank you for taking the time to explore what membership at Re:Hope Glasgow means and investigating the commitments that we members make as the core community of this church. We are glad you love this church too and we want to invite you to join with us in making the same commitments we have made as we seek to support what God is doing at Re:Hope.


Re:Hope Next Generation Bible Church is an elder-led community of believers, which means that decision-making rests legally, constitutionally and functionally with the elders of the church. This is different, for example, than a congregational church whose members vote on proposals from the leadership of the church.


The senior pastor of Re:Hope is Brian Ingraham, who has been authorised by the elders to form a staff team to assist him in the leading, pastoring, and practical running of the church. As one of the elders, Brian works in partnership with them to lead this church as we go about God’s plans and purposes for our generation, which pertains to laying foundational groundwork for the next reawakening. This includes mobilising prayer, raising up a Bible-saturated people who know how to disciple one another, and teaching people to love God and love worshipping him.


Membership is about having a loud voice as the core people of the church, those most committed to the vision and values of the church and most invested in the mission and ministries of Re:Hope.


To be a member is to declare that you are willing to prioritise and support Re:Hope and be willing to come under the leadership of our elders by making 6 core commitments that set members apart from other regular attendees who also love this church. If at any point you want to stop becoming a member, please use our opt-out option below. 

If you would like to hear a Sunday message on membership you can watch it here.

Our Doctrine Statement can be found here.



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