Our elders serve Re:Hope in several ways, providing spiritual leadership to the church and seeking to keep the congregation healthy through prayer, discernment and ensuring teaching is accurate and Godly. They also provide accountability to the senior pastor (Brian), watching over his character and integrity.


Other elder ministries include but are not limited to: praying for the sick, preaching, mutual accountability to remain above reproach, overseeing ministries and church discipline, which includes researching and responding rightly to accusations against any church staff or pastors. For more information on our view of eldership, we recommend the book ‘Biblical Eldership’ by Alexander Strauch.

Our elders are:

David Fleck, Brian Ingraham, Segun Komolafe, Russell Drummond, David Crawford, Cameron Herbert


At Re:Hope we are committed to being accountable with our finances, going beyond the minimum the law requires to ensure our processes are transparent and ethical. Finances are managed by our directors who work with our Financial Administrator in administrating finances and maintaining budgets.


Find out more about our financial accountability on our Giving page.

Anna Vardy


David McAllister


Brian Ingraham



Brian and Kellie planted Re:Hope back in January 2005. Brian serves as senior pastor, teaching pastor of Re:Hope Glasgow, elder and director. He oversees the staff teams on both campuses and along with the elders focuses on discerning God’s direction for the church, implementing strategies for development and growth.

Kellie is one of the founders of the Reap & Sew Market, a curated indie market which raises money for missions and local charities. She manages our frequent special events, runs our mother’s groups and oversees a variety of teams pertaining to ministry, hospitality and facilities.

Brian & Kellie Ingraham

Ruth Weller


Ruth oversees the ministry team, with a special emphasis on prayer ministry and intercession. As lead pastor she works with Brian in discernment and vision for Re:Hope Glasgow and is the person to contact about anything ministry related there.

Abi Bull


Abi does the ministry administration which includes serving teams, Bible Read Through groups and U18s ministry.

Stefan Meens


Stefan works with Brian, Kellie and the leadership teams of Glasgow and Belfast.


He is the person to contact if you want to get in touch with Brian, or anything related to Re:Hope Glasgow.

Anna Vardy


Anna oversees the legal, financial and charity status of the church

Lindy Sorbie 


Lindy oversees our Raise Hope fundraising campaign.




At Re:Hope Southside we have a Core Team of ministry heads comprised of staff and core volunteers who meet monthly to share, plan and pray together. Each core team meeting is an opportunity for updates to be shared and for us all to gather collective momentum for the weeks ahead. ​

Re:Hope Southside Core Team:

Ruth Weller - Lead Pastor

Jordan Bull - Worship 

Duncan Roseweir- Prayer

Mark Hughes - Bible Read Through

Kim Herbert - Pastoral Care

Andrew and Carron Allan - Community

Abi Bull - Operations

Kelsey Roseweir - Social Media + Creative

Re:Hope Next Generation Bible Church is an elder-led community of believers, which means that decision-making rests legally, constitutionally and functionally with the elders of the church.


We exist as both a Registered Scottish Charity, SC037327, and a company limited by guarantee, SC363758. This is a fairly typical setup for a charitable organisation. It means we are limited to operating for charitable purposes, while still receiving some of the organisational benefits of being a registered company.


The legal members of the company are the church elders, while “church members” may be better considered in a legal sense as subscribers or limited non-voting members. There is no fee for becoming an elder or church member. For clarification, where we refer to “members” we are generally talking about church members and not the eldership team. Being a church member means being committed to the vision and values of Re:Hope. If you’d like to find out more, or apply for church membership, you can do so on our membership page.


The elders entrust financial planning to our directors. They are both the company directors and the charity trustees. The directors often include members of the eldership team but are not restricted to only elders. Financial responsibility is important to us and we consistently go beyond the requirements of the law to ensure our operations are transparent and ethical. For more information about our financial processes please see our giving page.


Day to day running of the church is delegated to staff members, who are all voluntary missionaries or directly employed by the church. The majority of our staff work part-time. Examples of the roles they carry out include children’s work, pastoral care and administrative responsibilities.


As a community of believers we serve one another in many ways beyond these legal roles. Our church members, as well as many regular attenders, are committed to loving one another through various serving roles such as hospitality, children’s work, technological expertise and prayer ministry. We are thankful for the many people who God has brought together to enable all our ministries to happen! If you’d like to be involved in serving at Re:Hope, please contact us.


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Re:Hope Next Generation Bible Church is a Registered Scottish Charity, SC037327, and a company limited by guarantee, SC363758.

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