​Re:Hope Next Generation Bible Church launched in Glasgow, Scotland on the 9th of January, 2005 with a passion to see the next generation turn to Jesus.


We want you to know that God loves you; and that there really is hope for you and your future. The past 13 years have been a time of watching God strategically bring the right people to Re:Hope during each season. We know He is continuing that work right now. 


We believe God has much more in store for us as a church — many more people who will come to know Jesus, more people to baptise, more people to believe and fall in love with the bible, and more people to rise up mighty in prayer. 

Re:Hope Church was planted in January 2005 by Brian & Kellie Ingraham. Though the church has changed in size and location over the years, the vision has remained the same: the raise up a people of the Word, and a people of prayer, on mission together to reach the next generation.

From 2005-2011, Re:Hope was based in the West End of Glasgow, and rented space to meet from churches and other groups. As a young church, we were lead by a missionary team and attracted mostly students and young families. Having seen people give their lives to Jesus, we prayed that God would provide for Re:Hope a building to own and continue to grow and expand in.


In 2011 God answered these prayers in an incredible way. Partick Congregational Church had been declining in numbers with only 11 left in their congregation. With a strong value to pass their building onto a church who would continue God’s work in the area, they sold their building to Re:Hope for £40,000, which allowed us to be debt-free and begin renovations immediately.


Finally having the opportunity to lay down roots, this building helped our church to grow and expand in God’s mission here in Glasgow. The missionary team who helped plant Re:Hope one by one passed the baton to local people who had been discipled and trained to take staff positions. The demographic of the church matured as many new families joined, with kids ministry expanding and teens ministry beginning too.


Shortly after the move to Partick, God spoke to us through Isaiah 61. He confirmed our calling to be a church who bind up the broken hearted, set the captives free and comfort those who mourn. This fits into our bigger picture call to be a part of God’s reawakening work in this city: rebuilding the ancient ruins, restoring the places long devastated and renewing the ruined cities.

In 2016 Josh Binstead, who had attended Re:Hope in Glasgow as a student years previously, responded to a call from God to start a Re:Hope Church in Belfast. This was our first step to fulfill the multi-location vision Brian had carried for years.

In 2018, God continued to speak to Re:Hope Glasgow about being a multi-location church, and provided the opportunity to purchase South Shawlands Church of Scotland’s building. This location felt very significant, with many people from our church already living in this area. In just a few months God miraculously provided the money necessary to purchase and renovate this beautiful building which carries such a legacy of loving God, and loving people. On 24th February 2019, Re:Hope Southside opened it’s doors in Shawlands. Our hope at Re:Hope Southside is to continue to reach the next generation, letting them know the love of God, and loving the people He brings to us.


Re:Hope Church now exists as one church in three locations: Glasgow’s West End, Glasgow’s Southside and Belfast NI. We love seeing God at work in these cities and are joining with Him to see Him reawaken our land again.



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Re:Hope Next Generation Bible Church is a Registered Scottish Charity, SC037327, and a company limited by guarantee, SC363758.

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